Junior Sports Day

Last Friday, years 1 - 4 went to Awahono School for a Junior Sports Day. Children were numbered off one to seven and moved to their numbered activity. The activities included a gumboot throw, grass skis, sandpit search, obstacle course, high jump, moon jumping and a water activity. We finished the day off either in their playground or heated pool and loved it!

Kōtuku Café

We had a wonderful café day last Thursday! The children did everything from planning the signs, menu, ingredients, recipes, jobs for the day, order pads and tickets. On the day, everyone worked as a team to look after our guests and feed them the delicacies that they had made. Thank you everyone for your support for the Kōtuku Café.

Information reports

This term we have been learning to write information reports!
When we write information reports we know we need to includeFacts!Different aspect for each paragraphA diagramFirstly we wrote an information report about out place to send to our pen pals in Hastings. Next we wrote a report about an animal of our choice in preparation for our school concert.
Here are some of the amazing results!!!/>

A moment in Time


Week 1 Term 4

This week we have started doing mathematical inquiry in maths!

It is really hard but it is good for our brain. It was hard and a good challenge! We like a challenge!

This week we started doing the NZ Healthiest Schools Challenge. We track our steps and load our average steps onto the website. We get to see ourselves walk the length of NZ. At break times we make sure we get outside to get our steps up! We are currently in Wellington!

This week we participated in the NZ shake out drill! DROP! COVER! HOLD!

Pet Day

Yesterday we had a fantastic time at pet day!

Some of our favourite parts of pet day was seeing the pets, 3-legged races, the cats, and spending time with whanau. Here are some pictures of the day!

This week in Ruma D Jo the Beekeeper came to teach us about bees. We learnt about the different types of bees and the different roles they have in the hive. 
- Drone bees are boy bees and they don't really do much in the hive. In Autumn the worker bees kick the drone bees out of the hive. - Worker bees get the nectar and bring them back into the hive. The also help look after the queen bee. - Queen bee is the big bee who lays the eggs in the hive. All the worker bees look after her and give her royal jelly.

In fitness this week we have been playing a Sports Start game called Hey dude!, and human tennis! It is about practicing catching and throwing the tennis ball over your arms.

This week is is Te Wiki o te reo Maori. We have celebrated this by looking at the longest place name in New Zealand and completing some fun te reo booklets.